Special Cap Helps Prevent Chemotherapy Hair Loss

by Sheela Philomena on May 10 2013 2:21 PM

 Special Cap Helps Prevent Chemotherapy Hair Loss
A new cooling cap designed by scientists helps chemotherapy patients prevent hair loss during therapy.
The DigniCap system has been adopted by Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust for use in its chemotherapy day units at Charing Cross and Hammersmith Hospitals, the Daily express reported.

Patients wear a special cap, which cools their scalp, and also prevents hair loss.

The system continuously keeps a check on the temperature to ensure consistent application of the cooling treatment, and the caps are specially designed so that the ears remain uncovered during the whole procedure.

A spokesman for the company said that clinical results show that eight out of ten patients in Europe and Asia, who used the DigniCap System during chemotherapy, retained their hair.

He added that additional trials at leading medical centres around the world had proved the system to be a viable alternative for both women and men of diverse ethnicities.


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