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 South Korean Builds Homemade Satellite Through Information from Internet and Social Media
A South Korean man revealed that anyone can build anything in the current age of internet and demonstrated by building a "homemade" satellite for just $500.

Song Ho jun, 34, has said that he built the 500-dollar, 'OpenSat' to show people they could achieve their dreams.

"Making a satellite is no more difficult than making a cell phone," The Telegraph quoted Ho jun, as saying.

"I believe that not just a satellite, but anything can be made with the help of the Internet and social platforms. I chose a satellite to show that symbolically," he added.

Ho jun, who has worked as an intern at a private satellite company, came up with the idea for his 'Open Satellite Initiative,' which led him to contact space professionals from Slovenia to Paris.

According to the paper, there is a long history of 'do-it-yourself' satellites being launched by universities and scientific groups around the world, but Ho jun said his is the first truly personal satellite designed and financed by an individual.

"I'm just an individual, not someone working for big universities, corporations or armies, so they open up to me and easily give out information," the paper quoted him, as saying.

Source: ANI

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