by VR Sreeraman on  November 4, 2007 at 1:16 PM Celebrity Health News
Sophie Dahl Reveals Her Ugly Duckling Childhood
Fashion model Sophie Dahl has said growing out of the ugly duckling phase was not at all fun for her.

The 30- year English model said that as a child she used to look like the kids who featured on adopt-a-child posters.

'As a child, I looked like one of those adopt-a-child posters, with round, NHS spectacles and a patch over my left eye,' the Daily Express quoted her, as saying.

'By the time I was 17 I looked like a refugee from the Playboy Club, with enormous bosoms, blonde hair and a liking for very short skirts and fishnets,' she said.

The size 10 model, said that by looking at her earlier snaps she used to think that she was quite big but later she slimmed down naturally.

'So many people commented about my body that I lost all sense of it myself. I see old pictures and think I really was quite big,' she said.

'I skirted around all sorts of eating disorders but I just slimmed down naturally,' she added.

Source: ANI

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