Son Gifts Father Kidney to Save Life

by Kathy Jones on Jun 21 2010 9:59 PM

 Son Gifts Father Kidney to Save Life
In a literal gift of life, a son has donated his kidney to his dying father. 54-year-old Laxmikant Jha underwent a life-saving kidney transplant on June 9 after his 26-year-old son, Amit Kumar, decided to donate one of his kidneys despite objects from the rest of the family.
The surgery was performed at the Institute of Kidney Disease and Research Centre at Ahmedabad. "My father's blood group is O+ve and I realised that it would take at least a year and half to get my father a donor kidney. Since his health was slipping away, I decided to donate my own kidney," Kumar, an operations manager in a software company told reporters.

Mr Jha, who is employed with the Steel Authority of India, was suffering from a kidney infection for the past seven years. This infection had damaged both his kidneys.

Dr Pranjal Modi, who performed the surgery, said that Amit has recovered well and was back at his job within 8 days.