Some Christmas Toys may Harm Hearing in Kids

by Kathy Jones on Dec 20 2011 9:25 PM

 Some Christmas Toys may Harm Hearing in Kids
Researchers from the University of California have warned that some Christmas toys produce noise levels comparable to a chainsaw and could damage the hearing of children.
The researchers tested the decibel levels of ten of the most popular Christmas toys such as Tonka Mighty Motorized Fire Truck and Marvel Super Shield Captain America and found that they produced noise levels in excess 90 decibels with many exceeding more than 100 decibels, equal to the noise produced by a chainsaw or an underground subway train.

Lead researcher Dr Hamid Djalilian said that the noise produced from such toys could lead to permanent ear damage in children. “Children are very sensitive to loud and high–pitched sounds. Unfortunately, hearing loss from noise damage is permanent and not currently curable”, he said.