Some 70% of Brit Kids 'Hate' Family Outings

by Rajashri on Aug 4 2008 3:35 PM

A new poll which has complied a top ten list 'most hated day trips', has indicated that almost seven in ten Brit kids hate family days out and wish that their parents had left them to themselves.

In the survey of 1200 students, only a quarter claimed that they enjoyed family day outs.

At top of the hate list were visits to the Natural History Museum (or any museum) closely followed by days out in Blackpool or Bognor Regis and, almost as bad, trips to see distant relatives.

For 42 per cent the journey was the worst part of the trip, but 18 per cent blamed lack of "fun things to do" at their destination.

And 12 per cent said they would prefer to be surfing the Internet. Many students claimed that boredom was to blame for any childhood sulkiness.

"It quickly became evident that more would prefer to stay at home and do their own thing than enjoy a day out with the family," The Daily Express quoted Nigel Whiteoak, manager of online auction site, which undertook the research, as saying.

He added: "I have to confess I am one of the few who used to enjoy day trips to Blackpool with my family in the summer.''

Life coach and youth worker Joseph Clough said: "This research shows that, despite attempts to ensure quality time spent with their children, parents are falling short and weakening their bond with them by enforcing time together."

The Top Ten most hated day trips are:

1 Natural History Museum

2 Blackpool

3 Bognor Regis

4 Visiting relatives

5 Weston-Super-Mare

6 Stonehenge

7 Warwick Castle

8 Model villages

9 Nature parks

10 Garden Centres