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 Smartphones can be Your Wine Connoisseur
If you've arranged a romantic meal and you want to impress your other half by pairing the meal with the perfect wine then a new smartphone app developed by Amy Hollier, a lecturer in wine studies from University College Birmingham, can spare you your blushes.

An app for smartphones developed by Amy Hollier, a lecturer in wine studies from University College Birmingham, promises to pair the meal with the perfect wine.

It requires users to simply type in the food they are about to eat and the most suitable wine is recommended.

Holier said that hopefully the app, called Wine Find, would put a stop to the snobbery surrounding wine as the app provides a wine for almost every conceivable dish. One can also search by wine to find the right dish to go with your selected bottle.

"There is a lot of snobbery. Some people who know a bit about wine reel off loads of information and they baffle you," the Daily Mail quoted her as saying.

"But wine should be accessible. Wine is about socialising and enjoying what you are drinking. A lot of effort goes into making wine so it is nice to find out more about it.

The app, developed in partnership with Halesown-based Smartphone Media, is expected to work as both a training tool for hospitality students and a bank of knowledge for anyone who loves food and wine but isn't sure how to get the best out of both.

Hollier also explained her motivation behind the project.

"People are always phoning me or texting me and saying 'What is a nice bottle of wine?' and 'What will it go with?' and I thought there must be a way round it," she added.

It took six months to collate the database for the app, which was launched last month.

The creator of the app also said that she was under pressure to make sure Wine Find is 100 per cent accurate and up-to-date as it is branded by University College Birmingham.

Besides this the app also has an 'Ask The Expert' feature, which allows users to email Hollier and get personalised suggestions.

Source: ANI

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