Smartphone ‘Code of Conduct’ Backed by Tourist Operators in Australia's Sunshine Coast

by Kathy Jones on Sep 29 2013 8:46 PM

 Smartphone ‘Code of Conduct’ Backed by Tourist Operators in Australia
A new ‘smartphone code of conduct’ has been issued by Australia's Sunshine Coast in order to help visitors better enjoy their holiday on the popular tourist destination.
Sunshine Coast Destination Limited (SCDL) CEO Simon Ambrose said that the region's tourism operators are backing the code because they are finding it increasingly difficult to communicate with visitors who are smartphone-addicts.

Ambrose said that it is a bit disconcerting when people are constantly talking on their phones when business operators are talking to them, the Courier Mail reports.

According to the report, Australians have a severe case of FOMO-Fear Of Missing Out, if they don't check their phones every 10 minutes and around 48 percent Australians have been interrupted by their phones during sex, while 53 percent admit to using their phones on the toilet.

Etiquette expert Anna Musson agrees that Australians are so hung up on their smartphones that they can't even put them down while on holiday.

The report said that the 'smartphone code of conduct' will be plastered on everything from coasters to taxi interiors across the Sunshine Coast along with a number of other major tourist attractions who are also introducing the 'unplugged zones' concepts.

Musson said that if the drive goes national, Australia will be a nicer country adding that with smartphone addiction, people are losing the art of conversation because rather than making small talk with someone they are playing on smartphones.