SLS-Free Shampoos: Why They are Better for Your Hair

by Dr. Enozia Vakil on Nov 17 2013 8:44 PM

 SLS-Free Shampoos: Why They are Better for Your Hair
SLS-free shampoos, which are getting increasingly popular and are preferred by most hair experts, may be good for your hair.
Rod Anker director Monsoon Salon and Spa has come up with some reasons to why sulfates are included in shampoos and why one should avoid them.

The expert said that sulfates are included in a shampoo because these detergents are cheap to produce and using alternative, milder detergents increases the price of the final product.

These detergents are very efficient at cleaning oily and dirty hair and are excellent lathering reagents.

Anker said that if you choose to use shampoo that does not contain sulfates, you will most probably get significantly less lathering than what you are used to.

However, using Silfate detergents can cause skin irritation for some people, and they are unsafe contaminants.

This chemical is probably a carcinogen, and is a by-product of the production process of sulfate detergents. Trace levels of this chemical are found in up to 46 percent of personal care products tested.

The expert suggested that people with a sensitive skin, dry or itchy scalp, should opt for sulfate free shampoo.

It was also recommended to people who have dry hair and are experiencing hair loss.

Anker said that he would always recommend to his clients to use a SLS free products as he finds the longevity of the hair colour is a lot better and it is more mild on the scalp.


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