Skipping Can Help You Keep Hunger Pangs At Bay

by VR Sreeraman on Feb 24 2013 1:02 PM

 Skipping Can Help You Keep Hunger Pangs At Bay
A new study has found that skipping is the best way to curb your appetite and get slim than other forms such as cycling.
Research shows that resorting to the playground pastime is one of the best ways of banishing hunger pangs and reducing calorie intake, the Daily Mail reported.

Volunteers who took part in a study to see which form of exercise had the most powerful effect on appetite were much less likely to snack if they skipped for a few minutes than if they rode a bicycle.

Although the activity - hugely popular with both amateur and professional boxers - is known for being an excellent form of aerobic exercise, this is believed to be the first time scientists have demonstrated its powerful effect on hunger.

Exercise of any kind can act as an appetite suppressant but scientists believe some forms of activity are more effective than others.

Researchers from the Faculty of Sport Sciences at Waseda University in Japan believe skipping is the most effective way to slash calorie intake because it is weight-bearing exercise, where the body's major muscles and joints bear the repeated impact from hitting the ground.

Cycling, on the other hand, is not weight-bearing and although it is also an excellent way of getting fit, it won't curb hunger pains as much as skipping does.

Their theory was that rapid 'up and down' movement in load-bearing activities, such as skipping or running, disturbed the gut and possibly interfered with the release of hormones that govern appetite.

The findings are published in the journal Appetite.


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