Sixty Hours After Birth, Mom Meets 10-week-pre-mature Son

by Julia Samuel on Feb 25 2016 1:59 PM

Sixty Hours After Birth, Mom Meets 10-week-pre-mature Son
Jessica Collinson waited nearly 60 hours to hold her son, Hugo, for the first time after he was born 10 weeks early.
Collinson gave birth to Hugo on Dec. 22, in a hospital near the couple’s Calgary, Canada,. She was actually due on February, 27.

Hugo weighed 2 pounds, 1 ounce at birth, according to his parents. He was immediately taken to the hospital’s NICU and then, 12 hours later, was transferred to a local children’s hospital.

Collinson remained at the original hospital to recover from her C-section. After she was discharged on Dec. 24, she went to the children’s hospital and held her son.

The moment Collinson first held Hugo in her arms was captured on video by her partner and Hugo’s dad, Micheal Burritt.

“I was hoping to catch a moment and I caught something a lot more,” said Burritt. “I remember the moment very clearly,” Collinson said. “I’ll never forget it, regardless of the video.”

“It was just a feeling of peace and calm that came over me right away,” she continued. “It wasn’t the ideal meeting that every mom hopes for but it was probably even more profound because we had to wait and because of everything we went through.”

Hugo came home from the hospital in February. He now weighs nearly five pounds. “He’s doing absolutely phenomenal,” Burritt said. “He was born very strong and we couldn’t have asked for anything more,” Collinson added. “We were very fortunate.”