Six Out of 10 Olympian Athletes Taking Performance Enhancing Drugs, Claims Drug Supplier

by Kathy Jones on Aug 11 2012 8:30 PM

 Six Out of 10 Olympian Athletes Taking Performance Enhancing Drugs, Claims Drug Supplier
Over 60 percent of athletes taking part in the London Olympics had taken performance enhancing drugs according to Victor Conte who has been jailed in the United States after he was found to be supplying designer drugs to athletes including Dwain Chambers and Marion Jones.
Conte didn't offer any evidence, but his outrageous claims put doubts on the mega-event that had previously escaped doping controversy.

The 62-year-old claimed to have been given the names of three top athletes who are 'using the Dwain Chambers protocol', a reference to the cocktail of seven drugs he gave to the British sprinter.

Conte claimed the drug testing at the London Games is inappropriate, and believes the organizers are not well equipped to catch athletes using various kinds of performance-enhancing drugs.

"It is basically propaganda to come out and say. 'This is the most expensively tested Games ever and we're doing 6,000 tests'," The Sun quoted Conte, as saying.

"If you test positive at the Olympics that is more of an IQ test. Athletes won't do that. You have to put your hook and line in the water when the fish are biting and that was nine months ago. Is it easy to use drug and benefit during Olympics? Yes,' he added.

However, top figures from the Games have mocked Conte's claims, saying a person of his notorious reputation shouldn't be believed.

"Victor Conte is sadly discredited. As a frequent spokesman on behalf of the drug cheats he lacks credibility. It is time he praised clean athletes and stopped casting aspersions on those who have fought against the darker side of sport," Lord Moynihan, chairman of the British Olympic Association said.