by Tanya Thomas on  September 10, 2008 at 9:27 AM Menīs Health News
 Single Dads Must Be Allowed to Visit Their Kids Occasionally
A new study says that no matter how bad a separation is, single dads should never be disallowed from visiting their kids.

It goes on to say that even in the toughest family conflicts, interaction should always continue between father and child. The study was led by sociologist Germain Dulac, a researcher at the Universite de Montreal's Interdisciplinary Research Centre on Violence Against Women and Families.

"Every father, even the worst delinquent, must see his child once in a while. It's beneficial for both parties," said Dulac.

"Support groups have often proven that fathers turn out better if they stay in touch with their child," he added.

Dulac and his colleagues conducted in-depth interviews with 30 fathers of children younger than two.

They found that the majority of these men, for whom separation was extremely difficult, were quite bitter with the justice system and specifically with the mediation services, which addresses issues such as custody, allocation of assets and setting up food allowances.

Source: ANI

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