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Simple Tips to Fight Dandruff This Winter
Winter season is here and it gives us immense pleasure, as we snuggle in the cosy blankets. The warm jackets and cold winds make this season ever special. However, you might also experience dandruff during this season. Here are few tips to fight and prevent dandruff.

Dandruff is nothing but shedding off dry and dead skin because of the fungus that is penetrated in mostly everyone's scalp. These flaky and powdery substances are often very annoying when seen on shoulders and these are often accompanied by itching and irritation.

The occurrence of dandruff can also be because of increased stress, lack of proper dietary habits and dry scalp.

This can often be treated with the existing products in the market and some natural remedies and here's Dr. Arvind Poswal, Hair Expert and Founder, Dr. A's Clinic has rolled out some points to prevent dandruff this season:

1. As soon as you realize that the dandruff season is about to arrive, start using anti-dandruff Shampoo and anti-dandruff products for your hair which shall significantly reduce the menace of dandruff. The anti-dandruff products are safe to use which has powerful anti-fungal properties that keeps dandruff away.

2. Start using natural and home remedies like applying apple cider vinegar, oils to reinstate the moisture content in your hair, use baking soda etc. These cures do not have any kind of side effect and are mostly effective.

3. Go for a hot oil massage on weekends. A coconut oil, tea tree oil or an olive oil is very good for hair and shall minimize dandruff if used regular and consistently over a prolonged period. This shall also help in reducing stress and elevate your relaxation quotient.

4. There are numerous natural ways which can also prevent dandruff in our hair

Green Tea: It has several antioxidants and microbial properties which help in averting the birth of dandruff in your hair.

Curd: This also has several acids which help in fighting and battling dandruff. This also leaves our hair soft, silky and shiny.

Neem: This is the most effective treatment in inhibiting the fungus causing dandruff. It relives the scalp from itching and irritation thereby, removing dandruff from hair.

Lemon: The refreshing aroma of the lemon leaves the scalp fresh, clean and healthy. The juice of the lemon has several acids that help efficaciously in evading dandruff and the fungus causing it. It keeps the scalp naturally and certainly healthy without the use of any harsh chemicals or substances.

Source: Medindia

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