by Savitha C Muppala on  July 26, 2010 at 8:27 PM Environmental Health
 Siliguri Cycle Rally Champions the Cause of a Safe, Healthy Environment
A cycle rally took place in Siliguri on Sunday to spread the message about the dangers of global warming, underlining the idea of driving cycles to reduce the threat.

The organisers described the cycle as the most viable mode of travel to check pollution.

"Cycle is the future, because slowly and gradually, petrol and diesel are becoming less and prices will increase and pollution will also increase. Our effort is to take the people and their support. Our thinking is that this will move forward," said Siladitya Choudhury, the chief organizer.

Enthusiastic participants said their endeavour was to set an example for Indians and others on ways to save the environment.

"We have participated in this so that the world can learn a lesson on how to save the environment. By using the cycles, there is no pollution and with this, the country could be saved from pollution," said Dinesh Kumar Roy, a participant.

Spectators described it as a good step.

"This is a very good step. This will reduce pollution and even improve health," said Hem Chandra Paul, a spectator.

About a thousand cyclists took part in the event.

Source: ANI

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