by Hannah Punitha on  March 7, 2008 at 9:16 PM Environmental Health
Silent Health Revolution Through Organic Farming Starts in Bangalore
They believe, natural way of living and healthy food habits are mantra to sustain health of the society. They promote natural and organic foods as a mission and passion.

Aparna Kumar, a bio technologist and Vidya Sadanad a psychiatrist at JP Nagar in Bangalore are trying to encourage the principles of organic agriculture by silent revolution. To bridge the gap between organic farmers and the consumers, they go out and campaign against packed food and junk food. Profit is not their motto.

These two women started a small outlet in Bangalore to create consumer level shift towards organic produce. The organic farmers come to them and with a little

margin they sell the natural produce to the consumers. For them organic produce were not a fashion statement but a way of life. They bring a combination of both organic and natural produced directly to consumers.

Through this dynamics they support marginal farmers who grow organic products and also encourage agriculture. They sell fruits, vegetables, pulses, spices, condiments and manure as part of their mission to promote organic way of life.

Source: ANI

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