Significant Increase In The Number Of Facebook Users in India

by Rukmani Krishna on Jul 22 2012 7:44 AM

 Significant Increase In The Number Of Facebook Users in India
There has been a significant rise in the number of Facebook users in India, Korea and South Korea while there has been a decline in the U.S and Europe.
Rory Maher, a senior Internet analyst at Capstone Investments, published the findings of some research into Facebook's member figures using 'proprietary software' to track user numbers across 200 countries.

Maher found that Facebook user numbers had declined by 1.1 per cent across both Europe and the US, the Telegraph reports.

Of the 23 countries in which Facebook's membership exceeds 50 per cent of the population, as it does in the UK, with over 30 million users, 14 of those saw the number of people using the social network drop or stay the same, the study said.

"Over the past six months we believe users in the US, UK, Denmark, and Turkey have decreased while users in Asian countries like Japan, South Korea, and India has increased significantly," Maher said.

"For example, we estimate U.S. users decreased by 1.1 per cent over the past six months and 0.7 per cent the past three months - while UK users were essentially flat over the same periods. Japan and India have grown users 60.3 per cent and 20.3 per cent over the past six months," he added.