by Dr. Trupti Shirole on  March 27, 2011 at 2:46 PM Medical Gadgets
 Siemens Launches Smallest Mobile X-ray Unit With Wireless Detector
Siemens has newly launched a mobile X-ray unit with wireless detector. This new device named Mobilett Mira is one of the smallest mobile X-ray systems available in the market. The wireless detector is now common for many stationary units but the combination of mobility and wireless makes this X-ray unit versatile. It is also available with a giraffe design for pediatric use. The new detector has a resolution of more than 7 million pixels because of which the image quality is excellent as compared to high-resolution stationary systems.

The radiation exposition for the patient is just about 1millisecond. This X-ray imaging unit has a swivel arm with integrated electric connections. This arm can move vertically as well as horizontally up to 90degrees. This makes the examination preparation easy, safer and hygienic.

This is the first of its kind mobile imaging device which can be maintained and updated via a remote control. Siemens Remote Services (SRS) regularly updates the recommended software via a data cable or W-LAN. If required a Siemens engineer can log onto the system and analyze the problem area, for example, he can determine which spare parts are needed on-site.

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