by Tanya Thomas on  January 29, 2011 at 11:34 AM General Health News
 Shouting, Even Criticising a Partner is Domestic Abuse: UK Court
The Supreme Court in Britain has ruled that criticising and shouting at partner and not giving them money constitutes as domestic violence.

According to the Daily Mail, Lady Brenda Hale, who led a bench of five judges, made the ruling in the case of Mihret Yemshaw, 35, who had applied for free housing entitled to victims of domestic abuse, reported.

Yemshaw said her husband had yelled at her in front of their two children and did not give her money for housekeeping, but officials in Hounslow, West London, rejected her request as her husband had never hit her or threatened physical violence.

But after the new ruling it means that Hounslow council will be required to reconsider Yemshaw's case.

As under the landmark ruling, denying money to a partner or criticising them could also count as abusive behaviour.

Source: ANI

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