by Kathy Jones on  September 9, 2010 at 9:01 PM Dental News
 Shortage of Salaried Dentists on the NHS
The NHS is facing a shortage of salaried dentists which has increased the waiting time for patients even for a routine checkup, the Department of Health warned.

As many as five salaried dentists, who work exclusively for the NHS and have no private practice, have left the job and while the NHS has managed to recruit one new dentist, the Department of Health said that it might not be able to fill in the remaining four places.

Empowering Better Health

The NHS is looking to prioritize the appointments with those who need treatment being accorded a higher importance that those who are called up for routine checkups. The Department of Health added that patients who visit the two salaried dental service clinics in Douglas will be affected the most.

"The department is committed to securing the future of NHS dental services for the people of the Isle of Man and I wish to reassure patients that we are working hard to do this. I need to make it quite clear that this is not a cut in service, it is simply a matter of presently being unable to fill vacant posts, which sadly is a familiar problem throughout the UK", Home Minister David Anderson said.

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