by Kathy Jones on  March 11, 2012 at 11:29 AM Lifestyle News
 Shanghai Women Feel Unwanted at 29!
Shanghai women are considering themselves as "leftovers" when they reach the age of 29 years, a new survey has found.

According to a survey carried out by China's biggest matchmaking website, single women at the age of 29 in Shanghai tend to believe themselves as "leftovers," the Shanghai Daily reported.

Thirty five percent of the nearly 2,000 single women participating in the survey felt they were "leftovers." Near 60 percent of the self-proclaimed "leftovers" were aged 29.

The survey found about 30 percent of them finding the title insulting, but most don't make any effort to get married, said the survey's organising website,.

Single interviewees said that from the age of 26, they started to feel different about their single status, and the concern reached a peak when they were approaching their 30s.

Meanwhile, single women who have passed the marriage age - for example, women born during the 1960s - care less about their marital status, and they don't consider themselves "leftovers", it found.

The survey showed about 78 percent of the "leftovers" felt an urgency to find a husband or boyfriend, but only 18 percent were willing to take action.

About 41 percent said they still "believe in love", but didn't have much motivation to pursue a relationship. Almost 20 percent said they were not confident in finding an ideal and stable relationship at all.

Source: IANS

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