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 Sexual Satisfaction and Excitement Comes from
Oz sexologist has recommended that people could draw inferences from the Bible for maintaining a good and healthy sexual relationship.

At a Melbourne conference it was revealed that neuroscientific studies suggest that "life-long heterosexual monogamy" is most likely to provide both sexual satisfaction and excitement.

Sydney University sexologist Patricia Weerakoon said biblical sexual ethics were healthy and life affirming, and that sex was a God given thing even though through the ages it has been believed that the church was opposed to it.

In a joint paper with her son, Sydney Presbyterian minister Kamal Weerakoon, Patricia wrote that a biblical understanding of sex was deeply positive, "do it, God made us for it".

Kamal told the national conference on religion that neuroscientists working in sexology, which studies gender and sexuality, showed that sexual activity had three stages: lust, love and bonding.

Each stage had its own particular hormones, including "feel-good" at the second stage, and "cuddle" hormones at the third.

In the lust or desire stage, the dominant hormone was testosterone. In the second stage, involving attraction to a specific person, the "feel-good" hormones of dopamine, serotonin and adrenalin came into play.

In the third stage, of long-term bonding, the "cuddle hormones" or oxytocin and vasopressin, played a bigger role.

"Biologically, we are wired to desire sex, to fall in love with the person we desire sex with, and for that love to develop into deep attachment," the Age quoted him as saying.

"Our bodies are wired to operate best with one sexual partner for life.

"Both academia and pop culture assume that biblical, Christian sexual ethics are at best outdated and irrelevant, and at worst repressive and harmful.

"We are seen as legalist, repressed, hypocritical killjoys who spend all our time trying to stop everyone from having a good time," he stated.

But a biblical sexual anthropology and ethic was the church's gift to the world.

"Christians should be out and proud," he added.

Source: ANI

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