Sexual Peccadilloes Land British Police Officer in Jail

by Gopalan on Nov 8 2008 11:49 AM

A 48-year-old British police officer has been sentenced to four months in jail for having regular sex sessions while on duty and propositioning another.

Pc Gary Bayldon, 48, would visit a divorced mother at her home for sex while on late shifts.

He also asked the second woman to go the woods with him and caressed her hands while taking her fingerprints at the police station, a court heard.

Bayldon, from Newport, Isle of Wight, pleaded guilty to three counts of wilful misconduct in public office when he appeared at Kingston Crown Court.

He has since resigned his post with Hampshire Constabulary where he had served for 18- and- a- half years and has split up with his wife.

The court heard that Bayldon met 34-year-old community care worker Donna Cacutt after she had called police to her home on the Isle of Wight when a man tried to take one of her children down the road.

He was the officer sent to the scene and helped her search for the man.

Barry Gregory, prosecuting, said Bayldon then began phoning her and they began a relationship.

He said: 'In her words they started seeing each other quite regularly but never when he was off duty, always when he was on duty on the late shift.

'He would visit her at her home, she would make him dinner and then they would have sex afterwards.

'He would stay for an hour or so. He would call it his meal break.'

The court heard this carried on in the evenings between September 2004 and 2005 - around the time the defendant's marriage of 20 years was breaking down.

Gregory said it turned into a full blown relationship which also later ended with 'some acrimony,' Daily Mail reported.

Bayldon met the second woman, mother-of-two Suzanne Dunkling, 37, after being called out to a domestic incident involving her boyfriend at her home in October 2005, the court heard.

Bayldon interviewed her and later had to take her fingerprints using an electronic machine which he kept getting wrong.

Gregory said: 'He confessed to her "I keep getting it wrong so I can keep touching you".

'He had a wedding ring on and she said he shouldn't be saying things like that because he was a married man.

'He was stroking and caressing her hand rather than holding it to the machine.

'It made her feel on edge and unsure of what to do.'

Bayldon later gave her a lift home in a police van, letting her sit in the front seat and smoke a cigarette.

During the journey he invited her to a forest 'for a chat', said Mr Gregory.

He added: 'She said no because she knew full well he wanted her to go there for sex.

'He also asked to kiss her and leant across. She turned towards him and he kissed her. She said he used his tongue and she felt disgusted.

'She said although she consented it was because she didn't know what to do.'

The court heard that when Bayldon dropped her at home he told her 'her children would be all right if she went out with him.’

He asked her for her phone number and she gave him a false number.

Gregory said: 'The offences are therefore that the defendant took advantage of these reasonable vulnerable females by manipulating his position of authority.'

At a previous hearing the prosecution offered no evidence on six other similar counts.

Some of the counts alleged that father-of-four Bayldon engaged in sex acts in a police vehicle with two different women and it was also claimed he had kissed another woman who was a prosecution witness at a trial.

He was also accused of befriending another woman and while on duty giving her money to buy lingerie to wear for him, and taking her to the woods and asking her to perform a sex act on him.

It was also claimed that he propositioned a woman before arresting her after responding to a call for assistance.

Michael Boardman, defending, said that Bayldon now faced an uncertain future following the guilty pleas and subsequent resignation which was 'to avoid any further embarrassment and cost to Hampshire Police'.

He added that a significant amount of his police pension would now be forfeited.

Boardman said the events took place while Bayldon's marriage was 'disintegrating.'

Judge Charles Tilling told Bayldon: 'You as a police officer have very considerable power and the respect of the community you serve in.

'People look up to you. You abused that trust.

'Those who misuse their powers must understand the consequences will be serious. I feel I am bound to pass a custodial sentence.’