by Anjanee Sharma on  January 19, 2021 at 5:44 PM Heart Disease News
Serious Cardiac Problems Linked to Fried Food Intake
Cardiac problems like strokes and major heart disease and the risk for the same have been linked to fried food intake by researchers. With each extra 114g of weekly servings, the risk only rises more.

To elucidate what contribution of fried food might increase these risks, researchers analysed 19 relevant published studies till April 2020.

Cardiovascular risk was assessed by pooling together data from seventeen studies with 562,445 participants and 36,727 major cardiovascular issues like stroke or heart attack. Link between fried food intake and deaths from cardiovascular problems was assessed by analysing data from six studies involving 754,873 participants and 85,906 deaths.

Findings for fried food consumption of lowest category when compared with fried foods from other categories showed that the highest category was associated with 28% elevated risk of major cardiovascular events; a 22% elevated risk of coronary heart disease; and a 37% elevated risk of heart failure.

A linear association was also found between fried food consumption and risks for major cardiovascular events (3%), coronary heart disease (2%), and heart failure (12%) when weekly servings were increased by 114g. There was no association found between deaths from cardiovascular problems and fried food consumption.

Though it is not entirely clear how fried foods could influence the development of cardiovascular diseases, researchers point out several possible explanations like increase in energy due to their fat content and generation of harmful trans fatty acids. Production of chemical by-products that are involved in the body's inflammatory response also get boosted due to the consumption of fried foods.

Source: Medindia

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