Serial Surrogate Mother All Set to Create World Record With Triplets!

by VR Sreeraman on Sep 6 2007 6:18 PM

Carole Horlock doesn’t seem exhausted after an astonishing nine surrogate pregnancies, for she is expecting again, and this time its triplets.

Britain’s most prolific surrogate mother will set a world record when she delivers the triplets due in April, after already giving birth to nine kids for other parents.

40-year-old Carole, who has two daughters of her own, is eight weeks pregnant for a married woman who was left infertile after cancer.

“I’m a little scared about having triplets. But to me it’s triple the fun. All I’m thinking about is the look on the faces of the couple I’m doing this for when they see their beautiful babies. That will be utterly priceless,” The Sun quoted Carole, as saying.

Carole said that she conceives using her own eggs impregnated by the male client’s sperm. However, this time an embryo seeded via IVF has been planted inside her.

Carole signed her first surrogacy agreement in 1995 with a boy for a woman with early menopause, and has had three more girls, three boys and twin girls since then.

There have been accusations that Carole is motivated by greed, but she says that it’s not money, but her love for being pregnant, that drives her.

“I don’t do this for money. Some people like eating, others enjoy smoking, but for me it’s being pregnant,” she said.