by Rukmani Krishna on  August 25, 2012 at 11:12 PM Research News
 Self Recognition in the Mirror Might Be The Next Task Taken Up By A 'Self-Aware' Robot
A humanoid robot that can recognize its own reflection in the mirror was developed by researchers. This development is a huge leap on the path of true self-awareness.

Nico can identify almost exactly where its arm is in space based on the mirror image.

Yale University's Justin Hart and Brian Scassellati have taught Nico to recognise its arm's location and orientation down to accuracy of 2 centimetres in any dimension.

This is a feat of spatial reasoning that no robot has ever accomplished before, New Scientist reported.

Nico is at the centrepiece of a unique experiment to see whether a robot can tackle a classic test of self-awareness called the mirror test.

To pass the test an animal has to recognise that a mark on the body it sees in the mirror is in fact on its own body.

Only dolphins, orcas, elephants, magpies, humans and a few other apes have passed the test so far.

If Nico is to get to grips with the mirror test, it will have to get a precise recognition of where its body is in space, which by its nature is performed in 3D.

Mary-Anne Williams of the University of Technology Sydney, Australia, points out that robotic self-awareness is crucial if robots are ever going to work safely alongside humans.

The work was presented last month at the Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Toronto, Canada.

Source: ANI

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