Second Thoughts About Sushi

by Savitha C Muppala on Nov 27 2013 4:12 PM

 Second Thoughts About Sushi
Sushi is preferred due to its high nutrition and low calorific value. But, recent research says Sushi could elevate the risk of heart disease.
A study from Rutgers University has revealed that those who have sushi on their plate regularly could be in for a bit of woe as it could increase their risk of heart ailments.

Methyl mercury in fish can elevate the risk of brain and nervous problems, and increase the probability of heart ailments. The raw fish dish can cause several health problems due to unhealthy levels of mercury in some fish.

Large tuna, such as the Atlantic Bluefin, were found to contain the highest levels of mercury. Salmon, Eel, crab, and kelp were found to contain relatively lower levels of mercury; whereas marlin, shark, and swordfish contained unhealthy levels of mercury.

High levels of mercury is connected to heart disease, this is because an enzyme that causes plaque accumulation in blood vessel walls gets activated.

Even though sushi is high on omega-3 fatty acid, the high levels of mercury offset any of the possible health benefits.


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