Scientists Hopeful of a Cure for Diabetes

by Medindia Content Team on Jun 12 2006 11:56 AM

With the discovery of the gene responsible for Type 2 diabetes scientists have come closer to a cure for this lifestyle related disease .

The PSARL gene associated with the Type 2 diabetes, is expected to be revealed at a conference in Washington tomorrow.

Diabetes, now considered as an epidemic, affects over 100,000 Australians every year costing Australian taxpayers about $3 billion annually.

Diabetes has long been considered as a lifestyle disease linked to a poor dietary habits and sedentary lifestyle.

The gene was unearthed by the ChemGenex Pharmaceuticals team from Geelong providing scientists worldwide with the much-needed impetus to develop new tests and drugs for diabetes.

ChemGenex Pharmaceuticals chief executive, Dr Greg Collier, mentioned plans for the development of a simple DNA test to detect possible risk of diabetes with the help of a where a swab is taken from inside a patient's mouth, was being developed.

Scientists hope to make the test available within two years helping doctors to make early detection of the disease and patients to take adequate measures to prevent diabetes.