by VR Sreeraman on  September 17, 2009 at 6:54 PM Menīs Health News
 Scientists Develop Male Fertility Home Test Kit
Scientists in Taiwan have invented a male fertility home test kit that breaks new ground by measuring the efficiency of sperm cells, a key factor in determining men's ability to father children.

The kit, developed at National Taiwan University, gives a numerical measure of sperm cells' motility, ability to reach an egg.

"Infertility is often caused by lifestyle, such as stress or tobacco use. So if people change their lifestyles, they will be able to use the kit to monitor their progress," said Andrew Wo, head of the team that carried out the research.

Similar products, also designed for home use, already exist on the market, but the focus has so far been on the quantity of the sperm cells, not the quality, according to the developers of the new kit.

Wo said he expected the product to appeal to women who feel they are being blamed for childless marriages.

"Maybe they think it's not their fault and they'll buy the kit for their husbands to show they're right," said Wo.

Source: AFP

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