School Blazers With Built-in IPod Controls Angers Brit Teachers

by Tanya Thomas on Aug 18 2008 9:14 AM

A garment company’s latest product could sound the death-knell for all school rules! The new school blazer with ‘built-in controls for a hidden iPod’ isn’t going down too well with British schoolteachers who have labeled the idea as 'crazy'.

The academics insisted that the garment was encouraging kids to defy bans on MP3s in class.

The jackets made by M and S have "a strategically placed iPod pocket which doesn't bulge" plus an "iPod connector with a hidden circuit".

The students use a keypad behind the lapel to control their music gizmos. The blazer also features "lapel loops concealing the earphone wires".

"Providing pockets in school uniforms to conceal these items tantamounts to legitimizing the flouting of school rules," The Sun quoted Chris Keates, of NASUWT, as saying.

Defending its stand M and S said that "Blazer for iPod" was meant for use traveling to and from school.