Save Your Health as Well as Your Money, Bupa Tells You How

by Savitha C Muppala on Aug 26 2008 7:28 PM

 Save Your Health as Well as Your Money, Bupa Tells You How
Bupa Health specialists are putting into action what they have always believed in, that Health is wealth. They have enabled precise but easy ways of a complete win-win situation of saving money as well as health.
The physical activity levels of people has plummeted, walking and cycling has fallen by 26%. This has led to an increase in lifestyle diseases.

Bupa recommends ‘giving up smoking’ as it could result in savings of £170 a month.

Dr Annabel Bentley, Bupa’s assistant director, said: “This is the biggest thing you can do to improve your health and instantly save yourself hundreds of pounds. Within one month you could save over £170, if you give up your 20-a-day habit. Stopping smoking reduces your risk of lung cancer, heart attacks and strokes and your health starts to improve within minutes. Within 10 years of stopping, your chances of having a heart attack have fallen to the same as someone who’s never smoked.”

Savings of £50 and 3652 calories off your body in a month can be achieved by opting for tap water instead of latte. Caffeine is also known to give people sleepless nights, therefore it is well worth the effort of giving up on it for a healthy mind and body.

Fitnesss exercises walking or cycling outdoors would save up to £80 a month, avoiding the expensive gym membership charges.

Bupa also advises people to take the stairs instead of the lift, cycling to work instead of driving which will save up to £150 a month. Elaborating on its simplicity, Dr Bentley said: “It costs nothing to run around a park, cycle to work or do sit-ups and push-ups in your home. All you need are trainers and running kit.”

Bupa also recommends gardening as a cost and health saving measure. Having a kitchen garden could save close to £10 a month by consuming fruit and vegetable from ones own backyard. 

“Gardening is a great way to get healthy,” Dr Bentley said. “And if you grow a range of fruit and vegetables, you can not only save yourself pounds each month on groceries, but you can also look after your heart. Regular gardening is a great form of moderate exercise, which can help prevent obesity and cut your risk of heart disease, stroke and type two diabetes. Just 30 minutes gardening may burn around 300 to 400 calories.”



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