by Tanya Thomas on  June 3, 2010 at 11:53 AM Lifestyle News
 Saudi Cleric Blocks Ministry Move to Allow Women Teach Young Schoolboys
Arab news reported on Tuesday that a ministry move to allow lady teachers teach young schoolboys in private schools has been stalled by a Saudi Islamic scholar. He has sued to block an education ministry's move.

Shariah law scholar Youssef al-Ahmad said he went to court to block the new policy after high officials ignored his letters arguing that women teaching boys is haram, or forbidden, in Islam, the newspaper said.

"When I received no reply, I went to court," he said.

Last month Deputy Education Minister Noural al-Fayez -- the country's first-ever female minister -- said female teachers would be allowed to teach boys at grades 1-3 in private elementary schools only.

Ahmad, who lectures at the Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University, said the move violated the private schools law which, he said, bans gender mixing.

He also alleged it was part of a "liberal scheme" to eventually push through mixing in all schools, the report said.

Source: AFP

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