Samaritan HIV+ Ladies Making Difference To Children's Lives In Jaipur

by VR Sreeraman on Nov 14 2008 2:20 PM

Two HIV affected women despite being treated by their kith and kin as outcasts due to their disease have responded to the society in an inspirational manner. They have set up an orphanage for HIV afflicted kids in a colony for last two years here.

The kids, two girls and six boys between the age of 6-12, have been disowned by their respective parents and family elders.

Samiksha (name changed) and Mukti (name changed) suffered a tough time after their husbands and in-laws literally disowned them since they were found HIV affected over two years ago.

Samiksha is a divorcee whereas Mukti's husband died two years ago. But both the ladies, who are presently in their early thirties, did not to lose heart. They rather opted to move ahead in life. And, today they are an inspiration for the society.

Thanks to their Samaritan deeds of Samiksha and Mukti, the eight children have today regained the lost love and care which every kid craves for.

"Earlier, we didn't have this enthusiasm of doing something which we are doing at the moment. We thought of doing something for the society. When we realised that the society was disowning these HIV positive children, we decided to think about their future. Since they are also a part of the society and AIDS could affect anybody," said Samiksha, one of the founders of the home for the HIV positive tested children in Jaipur.

Both the women were inspired by the thought that life never ends and hence they ushered rays of hopes in the lives of the hapless kids.

"We have spent our days and nights among these children. While we are with them, we forget all our problems or complaints. In the morning, we get them ready for schools. We consider them equal to us, as they are healthier than any normal and healthy children," said Mukti, co-founder of home for the HIV positive children.

At times these two courageous women had to face problems in running this home in a rented house since the landlord, on learning that they were tested HIV-positive, asked them to vacate.

But these two young ladies managed to convince the apprehensive landlord who finally allowed them to carry on with their noble mission.

Samiksha and Mukti are running this special home for the HIV affected kids, which costs thems rupees 18,000 to 20,000 with their personal salaries and donations. y Lokendra Singh