Sagging Breasts A Cause of Concern For Women After 29

by VR Sreeraman on Oct 14 2012 1:44 PM

 Sagging Breasts A Cause of Concern For Women After 29
Study lists out some of the things that women fret about when they cross the age of 29. The list includes a wrinkly face, sagging breasts, going gray, facial hair etc.
They all sound like signs of aging that women in their 70s might be worrying about. But a woman's battle to grow old gracefully begins at the end of her 20s, the daily Mail reported.

Having spent their teens trying to look older than they actually are, women finally become happy with their appearance in their early twenties -- but all that changes at 29.

At 29, women become more concerned about trying to look young again, amid fears of wrinkles, sagging boobs, bingo wings and crow's feet.

They also tend to find their first grey hair. In fact, some 33 percent of women fret about going grey, and thinning hair is a major worry for three in 10.

A third of women say a sagging bottom keeps them awake at night, while 29 percent want to avoid a wrinkly cleavage at all costs.

The study shows other top aging fears for ladies include facial hair, a middle-aged spread and thread veins, the Mail said.

The Superdrug company conducted the study of 2,000 women.