Russian Woman Gives Birth to Quintuplets

by VR Sreeraman on Nov 16 2007 5:20 PM

Russian Woman Gives Birth to Quintuplets
A Russian woman and her five new baby daughters were doing well Thursday after she gave birth to the quintuplets in a British hospital, doctors said.
The 29-year-old music teacher, whose identity has not been disclosed but who was pictured cradling one of her newborn babies in a number of British newspapers, gave birth 14 weeks early to the five girls early Saturday.

The John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, south central England, said more than 18 doctors and nurses working in five teams assisted in the birth, which was by caesarean section.

They babies ranged in weight from one pound 13 ounces (0.5 kilogrammes) to two pounds two ounces.

Obstetrician Lawrence Impey described the family as "delightful", adding: "Mother is recovering well and the babies are doing well."

Live births of quintuplets are a rarity: no quins were born in England and Wales between 1996 and 2006, according to the hospital.

But medics judge the risks to the mother as considerable. The Russian woman travelled to Britain after refusing to undergo selective terminations in her home country on religious grounds.

Two of the babies have been transferred to a maternity hospital in London but all the girls will be cared for in Britain until they are strong and well enough to return home.

All medical costs have been met by a group of Russian philanthropists.


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