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Roseanne Barr Brands Britney a 'Bad Mother'
Roseanne Barr has branded Britney Spears a 'bad mother' for her poor parenting skills. The 54-year old American comedienne also took a pot-shot at Britney's mum Lynee for not being able to keep her daughter's life from spiralling out of control.

Rosanne in a written attack on her MySpace blog calls Britney a bad mother and advises her to listen to the judge in the custody battle she is currently fighting with ex hubby Kevin Federline.

"The judge is trying to teach you a lesson, shut your mouth and learn it! You are a bad mother, and so is your mother!" The Sun quoted her, as saying.

"Your mom needs to lock your spoiled ass in the basement or wherever it is that you cannot get anymore drugs. Stop drinking immediately too."

Things have been looking up for Britney though - she was allowed a visit from sons Sean Preston, two, and Jayden James, one.

On Thursday, Kevin Federline's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, said he expected Spears would get visitation reinstated soon because "she has complied with the part of the order [causing the suspension]."

Source: ANI

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