by Dr. Trupti Shirole on  January 22, 2011 at 10:49 AM Hospital News
 Robotic Surgery- Next Big Thing in Healthcare Industry
Robotic surgery is being sighted as the next big thing in the healthcare industry. This technique is minimally invasive, much more efficient and greatly precise. Due to the smaller incisions, there is lesser bleeding and the recovery is faster.

Senior Academic Urologist within the Division of Immunology, Infection and Inflammatory Diseases (DIIID), Guy's Hospital, King's College London School of Medicine, Dr. Prokar Dasgupta said, "A typical surgery in a typical Operation Theatre includes two or three surgeons, an anesthesiologist, and several nurses - all needed for even the simplest of operations. But robotic surgery eliminates the need for so many people - it minimizes the risk of error, and in a nearly empty OT, the doctor sits at a computer console (either in or outside the room) accomplishing what it once took a crowd of people to perform."

Presently there are 7 robotic setups in India- 5 in Delhi and other two in Pune and Chennai. High cost of the surgery is a hindering factor, but if it is used in multi-specialty hospitals then things might look up.

Source: Medindia

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