by Kathy Jones on  August 21, 2010 at 9:00 PM General Health News
 Revealed: Brit Woman Who is a Human Magnet
In some off-beat news, a woman in Britain has revealed that her ability to attract metal like a magnet is making her feel like a fridge.

Human magnet Brenda Allison, 50, who is believed to have a much more powerful electro-magnetic field than most people, manages to attract coins, spanners and safety pins.

And it does not end there, as her highly charged body can also blow light bulbs, trigger car alarms and knock out shop tills.

"Metal objects appear to stay put more on my bones than muscles. It makes people laugh when I show them. I feel like a fridge covered in magnets," the Sun quoted her as saying.

"There's nothing more embarrassing than going into Sainsbury's and suddenly the tills stop working.

"I used to set off my son's battery-operated toys just by walking into his room. And I make televisions flicker and lights blow," she added.

Doctors have told account manager Allison, of Holloway, North London, her magnetism may be caused by high stress levels - and have urged her to take steps to reduce them.

"Everyone has a charge, all slightly different. It sounds like Brenda is highly-charged," electro-therapy expert Kathy Geminiani, who runs a Surrey clinic, stated.

Source: ANI

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