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Revealed: 12 Things One Should Avoid Doing When It Comes to Sex!

by Rajashri on July 19, 2009 at 1:36 PM
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 Revealed: 12 Things One Should Avoid Doing When It Comes to Sex!

Even though many so-called experts claim to have tips to improve your performance in bed, there are things one should never do when it comes to sex.

In her new book, titled 'Sex with Your Ex and 69 Other Things You Should Never Do Again... Plus a Few That You Should', author Dr. Yvonne K. Fulbright has mentioned things that one should strictly refrain to keep a healthy sex life, reports Fox News.

And, according to her, the don'ts of sex are:

1. Never have a "type" of orgasm - have your orgasm

Instead of trying to have a breast, clitoral, G-spot or blended orgasm, forget the labels and have yours. Don't worry about having a specific type, but focus on pampering your whole body, attending to any of its hot spots. This beckons your orgasm by not being so goal-oriented.

2. Never talk about past sexual relationships

Don't invite distress into your current romance by reminiscing about the good times or bad times you've had with other jerks, hotties, players or loves. Focus on the present and making it the most memorable.

3. Never let sex get routine

While it's wise to get in a routine to make sure sex happens, don't let the sex itself get routine. This only invites monotony and the mundane. To keep things hot, be sure to keep things new and fresh.

4. Never just lie there

A big complaint you'll hear from men and women alike is that their lover didn't do much of anything during sex. Men have grumbled that she doesn't move during lovemaking. Most people like an active lover - one responsive to the action, which shows that they're into the moment.

5. Never move in together (or get married) a second time

Things didn't work out the first time for good reason. Maybe you love each other, but if you're incompatible or fight too much, it's better to cut your losses and move on to a situation that does work.

6. Never drink cheap beer and stay overnight

Don't set yourself up to be someone's gassy guest. Get the walk of shame over with sooner rather than later, lest you stink up someone's bedroom and bathroom. This is not the kind of lasting impression most seducers are after.

7. Never drink more than 1-2 glasses of alcohol

While spirits can do a lot for one's spirits, sexual self-confidence, and libido, keep your booze to a minimum. More than a couple of glasses can cause erectile difficulties in men and vaginal dryness in women. Being buzzed or drunk can also lead to high-risk sexual behaviours.

8. Never compare yourself to Victoria's Secret or Abercrombie models.

It's no good to think that these real-life moving mannequins are the standard by which you should judge your face or form. You've got your own unique look and that can be super sexy, depending on how you wear it. That starts with a smile and indicating to others that you feel quite good about yourself.

9. Never totally trust magazine sex tips

Don't mindlessly copy magazine sex tips. Think about the suggestion first. Is it hot or completely ridiculous? Will it work for your sexual relationship? Or does it have the potential to sabotage your sex life?

10. Never douche before sex

Despite popular belief, douching is not a safe or healthy way to clean the vagina. Doing so upsets the vagina's delicate chemical balance, increasing your chance of developing pelvic inflammatory disease or other health problems. Let the vagina naturally cleanse itself and worry about other much sexier activities pre-sex.

11. Never attempt tricky Kama Sutra positions if you are not flexible.

Stick with pursuing sexual positions that are comfortable for you.

12. Never listen to somebody slamming your sexy self.

Is a guy suggesting that you get breast implants? Is some gal making fun of your penis size? In either case, ignore the criticism, or in the very least, fire back.

Source: ANI

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