by Nancy Needhima on  March 28, 2012 at 11:17 AM General Health News
Return to Sports Stalled by Knee Surgery
Knee reconstruction surgery is of little help since about 40 percent of people do not return to their former level of activity or participation in sports reveals study.

Gradually, the number of people actively participating in sports before being injured drops below 50 percent within seven years of surgery.

Doctoral student Clare Ardern, from La Trobe University's Musculoskeletal Research Centre, followed over 300 people from two to seven years, the American Journal of Sports Medicine reported.

Participants had either played football, basketball, netball or soccer before surgery, according to a university statement.

She said that while most people after surgery get back to playing some kind of sport, only around 60 percent returned to playing at their pre-injury level, and athletes aged 32 and over were less likely to continue taking part in sport.

"This is a surprise because as a physiotherapist I would expect that previously fit, active and healthy athletes to return to playing their sport at a similar level to before they were injured," said Ardern.

Source: IANS

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