Researchers Find Way to Cut Down Fat Content in Chocolates

by Kathy Jones on Apr 8 2013 10:38 PM

 Researchers Find Way to Cut Down Fat Content in Chocolates
Researchers at University of Warwick have come up with a new way through which they can cut down the fat content in chocolates by as much as half without changing how it feels in your mouth.
Presenting their study at an American Chemical Society meeting, the researchers revealed that one can create tiny ‘sponges’ in chocolate with the help of gelling agent agar, which can displace fat.

The researchers added that these sponges could be filled up with anything from water, juice or even alcohol.

Lead researcher Stefan Bon said that while their findings can be used to create ‘unhealthy’ chocolates by filling them up with alcohol, it can also be used to create chocolates with significantly lower fat content. “You can stick to your fruit juice if you want, but you can also make a vodka-based chocolate bar, which is exciting - obviously not very healthy, but exciting. It opens the route to different types of confectionery candy that can be placed on the shelf next to everything else that's out there already”, he said.