Report Warns About Cancerous Donor Organs

by Rajashri on Oct 12 2009 8:40 PM

An alert to the health service has warned that many donor organs have been damaged or have cancer or are unfit for use in transplantation.

The report narrates the incident of a case where a kidney arrived in the operation theatre in a damaged condition, but was still transplanted only for massive bleeding to occur after the surgery. The organ had to be removed after which doctors discovered that it harboured a tumor.

A search of the National Patient Safety Agency database turned up 11 such cases where organs were too damaged to be used. However changes are set to be made in this respect.

"There was encouraging news on very recent changes where, for the first time, there will be a robust, secure and funded national system for organ retrieval, staffed by well-trained surgeons and other healthcare professionals," the report said. "NHS Blood and Transplant is setting up a system for monitoring the quality of organs and this will be supplemented by a photographic assessment of livers that is currently being evaluated."