by Kathy Jones on  November 28, 2011 at 7:49 PM Environmental Health
 Report Says Rich Nations Use 'Unfair Means' to Impose Climate Change Deals on Poorer Counterparts
A new anti-poverty pressure group has suggested that rich nations are using aid money as an instrument to bully developing countries over climate change.

The World Development Movement report comes in the wake of Durban Climate Summit, which offers the last chance to set greenhouse gas emissions targets before the Kyoto agreement aimed at fighting global warming, expires in 2012.

The report highlighted that wealthy nations hold secret meetings to impose last-minute deals on poorer countries, the Independent reports.

For example: delegates read the final document drawn up by 26 countries in an hour in the 2009 Copenhagen climate change summit.

The report accuses countries such as America and Britain of using "unfair, undemocratic and even deceitful means to skew the climate change negotiations in their favour".

"The US, UK and EU are using the same strong-arm tactics to bribe developing countries that we saw at Copenhagen. Abandoning their previous commitments to provide finance to help developing countries deal with climate change, they are now saying finance will only be available to countries that agree to a new deal that effectively abandons the Kyoto treaty," a World Development Movement member, Murray Worthy said.

Source: ANI

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