Report Says One-third of Brit Teens Have a Punch Up a Year

by Rajashri on Sep 27 2008 1:28 PM

New figures have revealed that over one third of 15-year-olds in Britain have had a punch-up in the last year.

In fact, Brit teens are also among the world's biggest young boozers, and almost 25 percent of 15-year-olds go for a drink at least once a week.

The shocking figures have been revealed in the new edition of The Economist newspaper's annual Pocket World In Figures.

According to statistics, almost one in ten 15-year-olds regularly smoke cannabis, reports The Sun.

UK teenagers are also among the biggest surfers of the Internet, what with 57 per cent using a computer at least for two or more hours every weekday.

However, Brit teens aren't the worst as compared with other countries-they lie in joint 13th place along with Scotland, Russia and Romania.

The worst among the lot are Maltese youngsters, with 49 per cent having had a fight in the past 12 months. They are followed by Belgium, Greece and Turkey.

In fact, English teenagers are not the booziest of them all either, despite of the fact that UK 15-year-olds are the third biggest alcopop swiggers and the seventh biggest beer drinkers, revealed the book.

However, Ukrainian kids were worst overall and drank the most beer and alcopops.

Malta teenagers topped the table for spirits and wine consumption, along with having the most obese youngsters.

Instead, English teenagers did not even make the top 20 for smoking or obesity.

UK is also the third most expensive country in the world behind Norway and France, and is only 16th best for quality of life, according to other figures.