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Remote Patient Monitoring Set To Boom in Health Care Technology
Requirements for COVID-19 lockdowns and social distancing have shifted the healthcare provision and patient monitoring towards remote options. Although remote patient monitoring (RPM) existed even before the start of the pandemic, the gain of this technology usage was relatively low.

Most commonly the remote patient monitoring (RPM) was earlier used to ensure better post-acute care and management of chronic conditions, such as diabetes. With the shift of pandemic, the technology now leads to a fundamental change in healthcare services delivery and clinical trials, says GlobalData - a leading data and analytics company.

The company conducted a short survey among a total of 198 GlobalData Pharma clients and prospects, fielded from November 17, 2020 to December 11, 2020.

Remote Patient Monitoring and Health Care Technology

It was observed that RPM is set to impact a new trend in the pharmaceutical industry in 2021, as per GlobalData's latest report, 'The State of the Biopharmaceutical Industry 2021'.

The COVID-19 outbreak has bestowed a unique opportunity for RPM to procure global acceptance and value.

"Despite much lower uptake in previous years, RPM got off to a strong start and witnessed a massive uptake in the life-sciences sector in 2020. With more patients, payers and physicians getting accustomed to virtual interactions, RPM will continue to transform healthcare delivery and accelerate adoption of decentralized/virtual clinical trials", says Urte Jakimaviciute MSc, Senior Director of Market Research.

These rising trends of RPM may drive a surge in other emerging industry trends such as patient empowerment, telemedicine, electronic health records, real-world evidence, and decentralized clinical trials.

This would further help in the advancement of health technology thereby providing access even in rural areas and prevent the growing burden of chronic diseases.

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