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 Relief from Allergic Rhinitis Symptoms Via New Nasal Spray
Researchers have revealed that a new all-natural nasal spray, called MucoAd, can be safe and effective in relieving symptoms of allergic rhinitis.

MucoAd is a mucoadhesive molecule (hypromellose) that prolongs contact with the nasal surface so that the nasal spray remains well tolerated, lasts longer, and reduces the frequency of repeat dosing.

Researchers from Strategic BioSciences, together with investigators from the Institute for Asthma and Allergy (Wheaton, MD), conducted the double blind cross-over study.

The study included 24 patients suffering from symptomatic, persistent allergic rhinitis who recorded the severity of their runny nose, itchy nose, stuffy nose and sneezing twice a day for a month.

The researchers compared the capsaicin- MucoAd formula (Sinol-M) to the 1st generation product without MucoAd (Sinol).

They found that capsaicin nasal spray reduced all symptoms, and symptom relief was achieved with less Sinol-M than Sinol, particularly at night.

This suggested that Sinol-M might permit a better night's sleep, free from rhinitis symptoms.

There were no treatment related adverse events during the study and Sinol-M was associated with less subjective reports of discomfort.

"This study represents the first-ever capsaicin-based treatment for allergic rhinitis to be supported by prospective clinical data, and has important implications for millions of Americans who suffer from nasal allergies. This all-natural product has now been demonstrated to provide clinical effectiveness without any of the side effects associated with intra-nasal steroids and is available without a prescription," said Dr. Michael A. Kaliner, of the Institute of Asthma and Allergy, Wheaton, Maryland, and principal author and presenter of this poster.

He added: "It may also provide a new option for patients looking for a zinc-free, all-natural product in the wake of the June 16, 2009 Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warning to consumers to stop using and discard zinc-containing intranasal products (Zicam), due to numerous reports that they may cause a loss of sense of smell (anosmia)."

Sinol is registered as a homeopathic product in the US. Its principal active ingredient is capsaicin, which is derived from the hot pepper plant.

The 2nd generation formulation, Sinol-M, adds a patented mucoadhesive solution (MucoAd) that prolongs the contact between a drug and the mucosa.

Full results of the study will be published in a peer reviewed journal.

Source: ANI

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