by Julia Samuel on  February 2, 2016 at 5:57 PM Medical Gadgets
Regulatory Approval for Velano Vascularís Needle-Free Blood Draw Device
Velano Vascular received FDA clearance for its innovative needle-free blood draw device. The product is connected to a peripheral IV catheter and allows drawing of blood straight into a syringe or an attached vacuum tube.

Patients already on a peripheral IV don't have to undergo the pain and discomfort of additional venipunctures, clinicians are no longer subject to needle stick injuries, and blood draws are faster and more efficient. Children and others with a fear of needles will particularly benefit as they will be barely even aware that a blood draw is being conducted.

The new version of the device comes with a clamp that makes syringe blood draws easier, and a new indication for use that no longer limits when the device is applicable for in-dwelling peripheral IV catheters.

"We rapidly implemented and pursued FDA clearance for these modifications based on input from patients and medical professionals who are using and systematically assessing our blood-draw technology," said Eric M. Stone, co-founder and CEO of Velano Vascular. "These enhancements reflect our customer-centric approach to introducing our technology into medical practice, both in terms of product enhancements and clinical use patterns."

Source: Medindia

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