Regular Masturbation can Keep the Doctor Away

by Savitha C Muppala on Dec 11 2013 12:34 AM

 Regular Masturbation can Keep the Doctor Away
What 95% of men and 85% of women do to self pleasurize need not be hushed up between the blankets or in the closet anymore.
There is nothing shameful about the act and most certainly masturbation is a good part of not just sexual health but overall health reveals a recent study.

Two Australian scientists have dispelled some of the common myths about masturbation and instead have claimed that it has many health benefits.

They claim that regular masturbation can offer protection against prostate cancer, diabetes and cystitis. Masturbation for women can protect them against cervical and urinary tract infections.

The risk of diabetes is lowered with masturbation. Women are able to sleep better as there is a tension release during orgasm.

A number of studies claim that men who regularly have sex are benefited with a reduced risk of prostate cancer. This could be due to the release of toxins from the prostate gland.

Masturbation gives the immune system a boost. It keeps people happy as endorphins are produced, elevates self-esteem and prevents depression.