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 Record 700 Birthday Cards for a Four-year-old Fighting Neuroblastoma
A four-year-old boy, Henry Hallam, from Plymouth, fighting an aggressive childhood cancer, has received more than 700 birthday cards from all over the world.

Henry suffers from Neuroblastoma, an aggressive childhood cancer and he has had to spend the whole of last year in the hospital receiving intensive treatment.

This was an effort by his parents through a campaign on the net called 'Hugs for Henry', where they urged well-wishers from across the globe to go the extra mile and make a huge difference to his birthday by helping him set a record of receiving the highest number of birthday cards.

Henry Hallam has received birthday cards from across the globe and the cards are so many in number that the family spent two days to complete opening them.

People from all over the world came forward and he received nearly 737 cards. The couple has approached Guinness World Records to make a new category of highest number of birthday cards received and they hope Henry will create that record.

"Me and Mike have been so touched and overwhelmed by the support we have received from across the country and world. We've had cards from Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, France, Germany, Tasmania - you name it. Although his birthday was at the end of August, they are still arriving and I expect they will keep coming for months to come. It would be fantastic to set a world record. This past year has been a nightmare, it's a hideous disease and he's fought so hard," Henry's mom said.

His parents are also hoping to raise half a million pounds though 'Hugs for Henry' campaign as they want to take him to the US for a T-Cell transplant and antibody treatment , which is not available n the UK.

Though they hope that his body will be rid off cancer, there is still a 60% chance that the cancer would return, in which case the treatment offered in the UK cannot help him survive. Henry's parents hope that they can raise funds to take him to US for treatment that will give their boy a new lease of life.

Those who wish to donate to the Hugs for Henry campaign can visit

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