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 Reasons Why Olive Oil is Good for Health
Researchers have now given us reasons why virgin olive oil is good for health.

Now, researchers, including one with the Agricultural Research Service (ARS), have found that phenolic components in olive oil actually modify genes that are involved in the inflammatory response.

The researchers knew from other studies that consuming high-phenolic-content virgin olive oil reduces pro-inflammatory, pro-oxidant and pro-blood-clotting biomarkers when compared with consuming low-phenolic-content olive oil.

But they wanted to know whether olive oil's beneficial effects could be the result of gene activity.

Researchers, headed by Francisco Perez-Jimenez with the University of Cordoba, Spain, fed 20 volunteers-who had metabolic syndrome-with two virgin olive oil-based breakfasts one at a time, after a six-week "washout" period.

Metabolic syndrome is a prevalent condition often characterized as having a combination of abdominal obesity, high triglycerides, high blood pressure and poor blood sugar control, all of which increase risk for heart disease and diabetes.

One of the experimental breakfasts contained virgin olive oil with high-content phenolic compounds (398 parts per million) and the other breakfast contained olive oil with low-content phenolic compounds (70 parts per million).

All volunteers consumed the same low-fat, carbohydrate rich "background" diet during both study phases.

The researchers tracked the expression of more than 15,000 human genes in blood cells during the after-meal period. T

he results indicated that 79 genes are turned down and 19 are turned up by the high-phenolic-content olive oil.

Many of those genes have been linked to obesity, high blood-fat levels, type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Importantly, several of the turned-down genes are known promoters of inflammation, so those genes may be involved in "cooling off" inflammation that often accompanies metabolic syndrome.

The researchers concluded that the results shed light on a molecular basis for reduced heart disease risk among people living in Mediterranean countries where virgin olive oil is the main source of dietary fats.

The study was published recently in Biomed Central (BMC) Genomics.

Source: ANI

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